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Below are descriptions of the various educational presentations I have created and shared with various organizations. This page also available for download here (20kb PDF).

Investing in Development
You know that you need to invest in your development efforts in order to build a stronger financial base for your organization. But how do you go about doing that? This session will cover the topics of building a case for this investment, how to communicate with the various constituencies within the organization, and what metrics and measurements are important to whom. With development and finance staff working and discussing together, an organization can attain greater results than when these functions are separated and operating with different expectations.

Building the Bridge:
How to move your donors from direct response to major gifts

What do you do with donors giving larger than average gifts, but you don’t have enough staff to make personal calls and solicitations? Many times, they are removed from the direct response program, but there is a better way to ensure you maintain the connection with those donors. By building a bridge program, you can continue the communication stream with the donors, but you can also move the donor toward a more committed relationship with your organization. In this session, you’ll learn how to use the direct response techniques with larger donors, adjusting them to this audience and cultivating the donors toward major gifts.

Getting the Most from Your Database
Do you love your database? Hate it? Unfortunately, it really just does what we tell it to do, so how do we get the most from it? We will talk about how to assess your database needs and where the process breaks down when going through an assessment process. We will review how to determine what each user wants from the system and how to get to the problem areas that inevitably arise. What questions should you be asking and what areas are important to keep in mind. This session will include some information about reports and dashboards, since that’s an important piece of the data puzzle.

The Power of Renew
What can “renew” do for you? Every donor should have the opportunity to renew their annual support of your cause, and by building a communication plan toward that goal, you will both build a better connection with your donors and raise more funds. Come hear about successful renewal programs, see results showing the impact of the renewal ask, and learn about the strategies that any organization can implement. We'll discuss renewals in an integrated direct response program, to reach out to donors and renew their annual support.

Answering Hard Questions about Direct Mail
Have you ever been cornered by a Board member and asked a tough question you’re not sure how to answer? When the topic becomes direct mail, the questions seem to get even harder … queries about the money spent, the packages sent out, why the results aren’t better. This workshop will go through some of the most common – and perplexing – questions that are asked about direct mail fund raising.

Annual Fund: Tips, Tricks and Trends in Direct Marketing
What’s new in direct marketing and what’s continuing to work. Come hear about what is effective and what you should be looking at when you’re planning your donor and prospect communications. We’ll also discuss integration with the rest of your fundraising. How should your mail relate to your online efforts? Capital campaign? Planned giving? The current buzz word is integration and it’s not that hard to accomplish — and there’s a huge payoff when you do. Bring your questions and ideas, and we’ll discuss your direct marketing fundraising.

The Economics of Acquiring Donors through Direct Mail
In these challenging economic times, the costs of doing donor acquisition can seem daunting, and it’s the first program that gets reviewed for budget cuts when times are hard. In this workshop, learn about the actual costs of acquisition and how that investment will pay off for your organization into the future. This session will go heavily into the numbers (sharpen those pencils) and spreadsheets, as we look at models for projecting long term financial impact of acquisition campaigns.